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Properties of Matter: Investigation 2 –










  • Review the latest experiments as a class.
  • Complete the Analysis Questions in your SDR and be prepared to discuss them in class.

Note: Questions marked with a triangle (∆) are included to enrich your understanding. These questions do not appear in your SDR.

  • ∆ Based on the physical and chemical properties you observed throughout your investigation, were you able to determine which substances were elements and which were compounds? Why or why not? 
  • ∆ How do the physical and chemical properties of the compounds compare to the physical and chemical properties of elements? 
  • ∆ Were you able to determine the identities of the substances? If so, describe how. Did you think any of the substances were the same? Why? 
  • ∆ Did the investigation of chemical properties, in addition to physical properties, influence your investigation? 
  • ∆ During your investigation, did you observe that the density of an element or compound was independent of its forms? If not, what may have accounted for any differences? 


Complete the Focus Questions in your SDR and discuss them as a class.

  • Can you tell the difference between an element and a compound by calculating density and observing chemical reactions? 
  • Can you determine the identity of an unknown substance by calculating its density and observing chemical reactions?