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Elementary Curriculum:

Staying Safe

Staying Safe: Investigation 1 - At School

Investigation One leads students to a discovery of the importance of safety at school, both on the playground and in the science lab. Through the use of models, students will explore the importance of keeping a safe distance between themselves and children on the swings while playing on the playground. In addition, students will find that the appearance of unknown substances does not always reveal their identity. Students will discover that wherever they are in contact with unknown liquids, be it at home, at the store, or in the classroom, they should seek the guidance of an adult before using the substance.

Staying Safe: Investigation 2 - At Home

During Investigation Two, students will continue exploring safety through the use of models. By creating and using a model of a flight of stairs, students will discover the importance of carrying only light loads while climbing stairs. In addition, students will gain an understanding of the field of view, realizing that an increased field of view can be gained by turning their heads to see objects and people around them. This increased field of view helps students stay safe when playing and working around the home and everywhere.

Staying Safe: Investigation 3 - On the Move

Investigation Three guides students toward focusing on safe habits when riding in a car or on a skateboard, inline skates, or other wheeled equipment. By creating models and performing multiple trials, students will find that the increased speed of these types of equipment can lead to injury. Students will discover the importance of wearing a seatbelt when traveling in a car and the importance of wearing a helmet when riding on a bicycle, inline skates, scooters, and so forth.

Staying Safe: Investigation 4 - Outside

During Investigation Four, students focus on safe habits outside. Students will find that seasonal and temperature changes require a unique set of actions to maintain safety. Through the creation of a model frozen pond, students will observe that although ice may be frozen solid and safe for travel at one point, as temperatures increase and melting occurs, the safety of the pond decreases. Students will understand that the only way to make sure that a pond is safe to walk on is to ask an adult. In addition, students will begin to understand that during hot and sunny days, light is absorbed or reflected by objects that come into contact with sunlight. Students will find that they need to be cautious around dark shaded objects, because they absorb more light and as a result become hotter than lighter shaded objects. Through their experiments, students will learn that by choosing to wear light-colored clothing and to sit on light-colored surfaces they reduce their risk of overheating or burning themselves.

Staying Safe: Investigation 5 - All the Time

Investigation Five continues students’ exploration of safety by guiding them through the creation of two models. Students will create a model sliding board to illustrate the importance of standing to the side of the slide rather than directly in front of it when other children are playing. In addition, students will create a model of a line of children. By demonstrating the effects of a child tripping in a closely arranged line and a line that is more spread out, students will realize that safety is increased by increasing the distance between themselves and other children.