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Our Senses: Investigation 1 - The Sense of Hearing

In Investigation One, students will begin exploration of their five senses by examining the sense of hearing. Through the use of models and diagrams, students will develop a beginning understanding of sound travel. In addition, they will utilize their sense of hearing to identify sounds in their classroom, using a tuning fork to further their exploration.

Our Senses: Investigation 2 - The Sense of Sight

Investigation Two leads students toward utilizing their sense of sight to identify properties of objects. In addition, students will use a hand lens to add clarity and magnification to the images of the objects they view.

Our Senses: Investigation 3 - The Sense of Touch

Investigation Three introduces students to another physical property of matter – volume. This investigation provides them with the opportunity to discover that the volume of an object is not dependent on the weight of that object. Students will use the pan balance to compare several foods that are equal in weight. They will determine which of the foods are greater than or less than in volume than the other foods. Through their experiments, students will observe that objects that are equal in weight may not be equal in volume.

Our Senses: Investigation 4 - The Sense of Smell

During Investigation Four, students will use their sense of smell to observe various locations around their school. In addition, they will use their sense of smell to characterize and describe unidentified substances.

Our Senses: Investigation 5 - The Sense of Taste

In Investigation Five, students will eat four foods and describe the flavor of each when exploring the sense of taste in Investigation Five. Students will classify the foods according to the four categories of flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.

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Includes NGSS correlations

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