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Elementary School

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” 

-Marie Curie

LabLearner Elementary School CELLs

Select one of the LabLearner Elementary School CELLs below to begin.

Kindergarten – CELLs

Beginning Explorations

Making & Recording Observations

Using Math

Making Measurements

Using & Making Models

Exploring Time & Sequence

Grade 1 – CELLs

Staying Safe

Properties of Solids & Liquids

Discovering Life

Weather Changes

Plants & Animals Journey

Grade 2 – CELLs

Weight & Volume

The Earth's Surface

Water Cycle & Its Phases

Investigating Sound

Journey: Earth's Changing Surface

Grade 3 – CELLs

Properties of Matter

Exploring Electricity

Our Solar System

The Sun and Your Skin

Ecosystems & Changes

Journey: Magnets

Journey: Biomes

Grade 4 – CELLs

The Human Body

Microscopes & Magnification

Chemistry, Matter & Reactions

Forms of Energy

Light & Optics

Examining Nutrition

Journey: Dynamic Earth

Grade 5 – CELLs

Microscopic Examinations

Inheritance & Adaptations

Work & Simple Machines

Earth's Forces

Investigating Heat

Journey: Eukaryotes

Exploring Density

Journey: Earth & Space