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Dear Parent

Dear Parent

First, congratulations on having your child enrolled in a school that has taken the initiative to acquire and implement LabLearner!  LabLearner is a major commitment of resources for your student’s school. It is also a major commitment on the part of your student’s teacher, who has and continues to receive, LabLearner training. 

The LabLearner program is designed to give your student the very best science education possible. LabLearner vastly exceeds all other science education systems in several fundamental ways:

  • LabLearner is based on 100% hands-on science experiments that your student experiences in a strategically designed in-school science lab. Thus, not only does your student learn science concepts that are directly linked to state and national science education standards, but they also become adept in using authentic scientific equipment and procedures. You will very likely see evidence of such authenticity in the vocabulary your student uses when discussing science and math topics with you.
  • LabLearner develops scientific thinking and approaches to real-life problem-solving strategies. In fact, Lablearner greatly develops your student’s critical thinking skills. Such skills will become more and more essential in society as your child grows into the future.
  • LabLearner develops math and language arts skills as your student solves technical problems and engages in both written and verbal communication with their classmates and teacher.
  • LabLearner is based on solid neurocognitive research that focuses on your student’s overall cognitive development. LabLearner’s roots grew from its work in developmental pediatrics and neuropsychology at a major American university college of medicine.

How To Help Your Student

Even if you have minimal science and math background, you can nonetheless make significant contributions to your student’s LabLearner experience. You may even enjoy learning along with them!

In addition to simply supporting your student’s LabLearner teacher and frequently expressing your belief in the importance of science and math to your child, LabLearner has provided you with several specific tools. You may do any or all of the following:

LabLearner: How it Works

You may wish to begin by getting a birdseye overview of the LabLearner program by accessing the How LabLearner Works page. This will give you a picture of the structure of the entire LabLearner system. You will be able to understand both your student and their teacher better if you briefly review this information.

LabLearner Elementary School Prelab Videos and CAPs

Your student has access to a tremendous amount of relevant classroom information through their LabLearner Student Portal account. For elementary school students, this includes Prelab videos that prepare them for their weekly lab visit. While the results of the lab are never actually shown in the Prelab video, you may watch and discuss the content of the video with your student and then discuss their results once they have completed the lab at school.

LabLearner CAPs are presentation-formatted content that your student will encounter in class. Each of the CAP lessons are available for you to review with your student.

LabLearner middle school Concept Days and Prelab videos

Middle school LabLearner students also have access to Prelab videos through the Student Portal. In addition,

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LabLearner Discussions

Cognitive Workouts

LabLearner Store